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The school launches intensive enrollment education for 2020 freshmen
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To help 2020 freshmen as soon as possible into the campus environment, and actively adapt to college life to devote himself to professional learning, school on 10 Yue 12 evening, 10 Yue 13 evening to take a combination of line off the assembly line photogenic, organized a 2020 freshmen Centralized school education.

Centralized enrollment education invited teachers from the school epidemic prevention and control working group, the Party Committee Organization Department, the Party Committee Armed Department, the Student Office, the Academic Affairs Office, the Youth League Committee, the Logistics Support Center, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, and the Physical Education Department to focus on learning and living. , After-school activities and other related issues have in-depth exchanges with all freshmen. In order to get closer to the new students and enhance the effect of education, this centralized enrollment education also invited representatives of retired soldiers and school sports club students to demonstrate, to give full play to the role of students' self-education, self-management, and self-service, so that enrollment education can be more immersive. heart. New students have expressed that the content of enrollment education is substantial, wonderful display, and practical.

Xu Yuntong, a graduate student in the School of Electrical Engineering, said: “I hope that each of us can combine our personal dreams with our national dreams, cherish precious time, start with the small things around us, and develop good responsible habits, get enough electricity, fill up the fuel, and take responsibility. Take the sacred responsibility of national rejuvenation and people’s happiness. Make full use of the rich practice platform provided by the school, seize the opportunity, integrate its own development with the development of new areas, and the construction of a scientific and technological center with global influence, increase knowledge and talents, and become Dare to pioneer, face difficulties, perseverance, and constant innovation."

Ma Yaojie, a freshman in the School of Electronic Information, said: "After listening to a series of lectures on freshmen's entrance education, I have learned a lot. Each theme reflects the school’s ardent hope for us to develop into a talent with good quality. We will definitely live up to the school’s leadership. I will abide by the school rules and disciplines, give full play to my talents, display my ambitions, and be determined to add luster to the school"!

Han Linge and Cai Minying, freshmen of the higher vocational college, said: “Enrollment education has made us feel the school’s attention to freshmen, ranging from epidemic education to food waste, to professional courses, medical insurance, and national defense education. We have formulated a detailed enrollment education for freshmen. We have benefited a lot and learned a lot of useful things. We also understand how valuable university study time is and we need to work harder to face difficulties."

The school's freshman theme education time will run through the entire first grade school year. The combination of theoretical education and practical development, the integration of ideological and political education and professional education, the unified arrangement of centralized education by the school and the supplement of individualized education by the college will be divided into stages. Expanded by topic in turn. All educational activities adhere to the comprehensive guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, highlight the education of technology-applied talents under the background of new engineering, and educate and guide new students based on the core concept of "training and training outstanding field engineers". Change roles as soon as possible, adapt to university life, understand the characteristics of your major and future development direction, cultivate good study habits and living habits, and gradually grow into outstanding advanced technology applied talents. (Li Jie)

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