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The School of Mechanical Engineering successfully held a special recruitment fair for 2021 graduates of mechanical majors
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On the afternoon of October 27th, a special recruitment fair for 2021 mechanical majors with the theme of "industry-university cooperation, building dreams in Lingang" was successfully held in the mechanical building. 34 households from Lingang New Area and other units provided nearly More than 400 jobs, nearly 1,000 fresh graduates from the school came to apply. This recruitment activity was jointly sponsored by Shanghai Lingang Industrial Zone Economic Development Co., Ltd., the Student Office of Shanghai Dianji University, and the School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Dianji University.

“Finding the right position, clarifying the direction, and grasping the life”, Minister Shang Hailong of the School Party Committee and Engineering Department who visited the recruitment event in person encouraged the students to actively show themselves in the exchanges with the graduating class. The impact of the epidemic has brought about the employment of college students. A huge challenge. Facing the increasingly competitive job market, students must dare to "bright swords" and learn to "seeking opportunities in crisis", and at the same time, they must objectively understand and evaluate themselves and find their own "coordinate positioning" in the job market.

This recruitment activity has been strongly supported by Lingang Group Shanghai Lingang Industrial Zone Economic Development Co., Ltd. Lingang Industrial Park Enterprise Campus Recruitment Fair is an excellent platform for the School of Mechanical Engineering to carry out school-enterprise cooperation, which is conducive to attracting outstanding graduates and promoting Enterprise development is also conducive to the smooth employment of graduates and the realization of life value. The campus job fair jointly organized by the enterprises in the industrial park is also a "special" job fair organized in the post-epidemic era, with high pertinence and good student participation. Compared with previous years, this year's job fair has more exchanges between companies and graduates, which has improved service quality. Since it is still in the epidemic prevention and control stage, in accordance with the requirements of the school's epidemic prevention and control leading group, strict management of employers' entry into the school and student participation has been implemented, and full supervision is implemented to ensure the safe and orderly progress of activities. Student volunteers also provided one-stop conference services for various units, and their caring and thoughtful service has won universal praise from employers.

Facing the impact of the new crown epidemic this year, all teachers and students of the college have worked together, took multiple measures, integrated relevant resources, all staff coordinated efforts, and precise policies, and implemented the details in an attitude of "more investment, more innovation, and more attention" Various policy measures launched by the school’s employment leadership group, “one person, one case”, to find out the basics of graduates, through the “online + offline” combination boxing, “cloud class meeting” and “cloud guidance” to improve graduates’ job hunting skills, Relying on all teachers and students and school-enterprise cooperation units to provide students with more convenient and effective employment guidance, schools, colleges, and enterprises interact with each other to promote high-quality employment for graduates in all aspects. On the one hand, through presentations, special job fairs, etc., build a good platform for student employment and corporate recruitment; on the other hand, promote continuous online recruitment, non-stop employment services, and unblock omni-media channels such as WeChat official accounts and student WeChat groups. Students provide precise employment services, and spare no effort to escort the smooth employment of 2021 graduates. (School of Mechanical Engineering)

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