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The school held the 2020 graduate employment work summary meeting and the 2021 graduate employment information conference
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10 Yue 30 Ri on the afternoon, the school administration building at 330 meeting room to hold 2020 graduate employment wrap-cum- 2021 employment for graduates in information conference . Zhou Hongxing , deputy director of the Shanghai Student Affairs Center , representatives of the Pudong New Area Employment Promotion Center and Minhang Employment Promotion Center , and more than forty family leaders were invited to attend the meeting as guests. Principal Hu Sheng, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee and vice principal Li Xiaojun, and vice principal Yang Junjie attended the meeting. Functions on behalf of the school, two college party leadership, employment work leading group members, graduating class representatives and all employment job counselors to attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Xiaojun , deputy secretary of the school’s party committee and vice president .

2020 years under the guidance of Xi Jinping, the new era of ideological socialism with Chinese characteristics, learning school adhere to the overall leadership of the party committee, will be "to promote employment, livelihood security" as the primary political responsibility, "Six stability", "six guarantees" to implement the requirements of off fine , To coordinate the strength and resources of all parties to build an "employment community" and a "development community", forming a game of employment with all employees mobilized, all employees involved, and guaranteed throughout the process. In this large employment exams, school and give full play vanguard and exemplary role of teachers and students, with action play practice mission, faculty and staff work together, continue to carry forward the "self-improvement pursuit of excellence" spirit of motors, three thousand graduates Work hard, inherit the excellent quality of "Mingde, Good, and Learned" on all fronts, and the school's overall employment work has been solidly promoted and deployed . Up to 8 month, school 2020 graduates overall employment rate of 96.89 percent , ranking the highest in the city's university.

At the meeting, Shang Hailong, the vice minister of the School and Engineering Department of the school’s Party Committee, made the title "The mission is to advance bravely to train and bring up outstanding field engineers-a summary of the employment work of the 2020 graduates", from the overall situation, to promote measures A serious summary of the employment of graduates from four aspects, including employment characteristics, and problem countermeasures, fully reflects the school’s policy of strengthening employment priority, coordinating the school’s reform and development and stabilizing various tasks, cultivating new opportunities in the crisis, and creating new opportunities in the changing situation. The bureau, seize the development opportunities of new business forms, new models, new technologies, and new fields, gather resources from all parties, consolidate the work foundation, vigorously carry out the reform and innovation of talent training, and further deepen district-school cooperation and integration of production and education. Build a "development community" of value consensus, opportunity sharing, emotional resonance, shared responsibility, and win-win cooperation, promote full and higher-quality employment for graduates, and strive to open a new chapter in the development of school education.

On behalf of the school, Vice President Yang Junjie announced the "All kinds of advanced commendation decisions for school employment in 2020 ". President Hu Sheng presented awards to top ten employers such as Aerospace Equipment Manufacturing General Factory, Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd., Agricultural Bank Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Huahong, Wind Power Company, Metro Maintenance Company, Installation Engineering, Shanghai Tobacco, Gaoqiao Petrochemical. Deputy Director Zhou Hongxing presented awards to representatives of advanced collectives and advanced individuals in the school.

At the meeting, the School of Electronic Information and the School of Design and Art respectively focused on promoting employment "cloud services" and doing a good job in the integration of industry and education to promote employment. Li Qing, deputy general manager of the human resources department of Metro Maintenance Co., Ltd., and Guan Kun, senior recruitment manager of CIIC Shanghai Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd., represent the company from the growth of electric motor youth in the company, the investigation and prediction of the employment situation in 2021 , etc. To speak. The 2020 graduate Sun Kate introduced her growth process in the company, reviewed her school experience, reflected the gratitude and gratitude of the electrical machinery students for the training of his alma mater, and demonstrated the responsibility of the electrical machinery youth in the national strategy of serving chip R&D and manufacturing. And responsible.

In his final speech, President Hu Sheng pointed out: In 2020 , the employment situation of the whole school’s graduates will be unprecedented. The action of "Party and government work together to promote employment, school-enterprise cooperation for development, and school-wide joint action to ensure employment" has achieved remarkable results. On behalf of the school, he thanked the higher education authorities for all-round support and guidance throughout the employment work, thanked the employers for walking with the school in difficulties, and thanked the teachers for their continuous struggle for employment and the growth of students. Facing the employment work in 2021 , he put forward the following requirements: First, we must improve political position, strengthen political responsibility, and integrate the fundamental task of implementing Lide and fostering people into the whole process of work, into all aspects of employment promotion, and into career The whole cycle of education; it is necessary to coordinate the work related to graduation recruitment, so that they can graduate smoothly and get employment as soon as possible; second, it is necessary to hold the bottom line of employment and innovate the employment mechanism. The majority of teachers should clarify the severity of the employment situation through meticulous work , To guide graduates to reasonably determine job expectations, vigorously promote the "integration of industry and education", actively connect resources, and recommend graduates through pilot innovations in talent training; continue to strengthen education guidance, unswervingly serve the national development strategy, and encourage graduates to The main battlefield of the country is to make contributions; the third is to pay attention to the growth of graduates and the difficulties of graduates, especially the employment problems of students from remote areas, minority students, and students with financial difficulties. We must take the first step and give full assistance. Strive to ensure 100% employment.

2020 years, the school adhere to the strategy of running "text application technology school legislation," the focus of the development of advanced manufacturing, stand on a new historical starting point, open a new journey, met with Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel, Mitsubishi Elevator , Shanghai Huali joint graduate Ordered, customized, and targeted talent training, while meeting the needs of enterprises, has also established a “safeguard network” for graduates’ employment, realizing the “zero distance connection” between talent training and corporate needs, internship and production, and learning and employment. It has greatly improved the adaptability of talent training to the needs of enterprises, formed a five-chain integration of education chain, talent chain, industrial chain, innovation chain, and employment chain, and continued to promote the reform of talent training.

The school adheres to the fundamental task of cultivating people with morality , comprehensively promotes the "three holistic education", deeply explores the education functions of various courses, integrates ideological guidance with professional courses, social practice, and employment education, and guides and supports graduates to serve national needs The "big stage" sings the "main theme" of grassroots employment. 2800 More than graduates to serve the country in key areas construction, nearly 300 graduates join the great western development and construction, nearly 200 graduates new film rooted Harbor District, 100 more than graduates of Beijing, Tianjin joint development of services and the Yangtze River Delta regional integration of construction , 50 more than graduates to participate in grass-roots employment projects , for the joint development area , beautiful countryside and building a national strategy development and other Western forces contribution motor youth. (Zhang Yuehui)

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