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The School of Marxism held the "First Shanghai Dianji University Students Studying Xi Jinping's New Era Contest of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Series Theme Activities" Competition and the Four History Study and Education Achievement Exhibition
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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important speech at the school’s ideological and political theory class teacher’s forum, to use Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to cast souls and educate people, and to further solidly and in-depth promote the "Four History" learning and education, 2020 Nian 10 Yue 30 afternoon, the School of Marxism, teachers, and 20 more than student representatives Qiju Wen Li building 228 Conference room participate in the "first Shanghai motor Academy students learn Xi Jinping new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics ideology contest series of theme activities" competition and four History learning and educational achievements display activities.

During the exhibition, excellent instructors and award-winning students were commended. The first prize-winning students Zhao Hui and Wang Guangxue respectively presented "The Beliefs and Responsibilities of Chinese Youth in the New Era-Student Microfilms" and "Passion Years-Students Talking about the Four History of Ideological and Political Public Lectures" respectively, showing the ideological and political course learning The wonderful stories of the students show the ideological and political lessons in the minds of the students and highlight the splendor of Chinese youth in the new era. Guo Junying and Zhu Junyi, as excellent instructors, gave speeches respectively. Guo Junying shared his experience of instructing students' works and expressed his gratitude to other teachers who helped. In her speech, Zhu Junyi said that students have paid a lot when creating works, and only when you have paid can you gain. This event gave her a lot of new understanding of students.

The theme of this activity is to learn Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. A total of 162 pieces of students’ works were received . Through students’ lectures on the "Four History" ideological and political open class, "Youth Confession of the Motherland" student micro-films, and reading of Marxist classics essay three kinds of competitions to enhance student learning ideological and political course of the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, promote the idea of a new era of Xi Jinping socialism with Chinese characteristics into the teaching materials into the classroom into the minds of teachers and students to focus on promoting reform and innovation of ideological and political course , for further sustained The promotion of the "Four History" learning and education has laid a solid foundation .

This event was presided over by Song Jie, Deputy Dean of Teaching of the School of Marxism. Fan Dongjiao, deputy dean of the School of Marxism, and Gu Jianwei, secretary of the directly affiliated party branch, respectively presented awards to outstanding instructors and award-winning students.

Fan Dongjiao said that this event is an important measure to continuously and deeply study and implement Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and is an important platform to showcase the achievements of college students in studying ideological and political courses. Ideological and political courses are the key courses for the implementation of Lide’s cultivation of people. It is necessary to adhere to the unity of subjectivity and dominance, and to give full play to the main role of students. Teachers should approach students and lead students to grow into talents. Hope that more students can participate in the future To the event. (Feng Tingting)

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