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The 17th Student Representative Conference of Shanghai Dianji University was held
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Don't forget the original aspiration, strengthen your ideals and beliefs; pursue excellence, and shoulder the mission of the times. 2020 Nian 10 Yue 30 , the Shanghai Motor Academy students Seventeenth Congress was held in Lingang Campus Library Auditorium. 132 representatives elected through democratic recommendation from ten colleges gathered together to write a brilliant stroke in the career of the students of electrical engineering.

Hu Sheng, President of Shanghai Dianji University, Li Xiaojun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Shanghai Dianji University, Lin Congyong, representative of the Shanghai Student Federation Presidium, Shang Hailong , Secretary of the Youth League Committee and Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Department of the Shanghai Dianji University , and second-level The secretary of the general branch of the college league and members of the presidium of the brother colleges attended the conference.

The conference passed the work report of the 16th Student Union of Shanghai Dianji University and the proposal work report of the 17th Student Representative Conference. The presidium of the 17th Student Union and the members of the 2nd Student Standing Committee of Shanghai Dianji University were elected.

In the solemn national anthem, the 17th Student Representative Conference of Shanghai Dianji University officially opened.

President Hu Sheng delivered an important speech at the opening ceremony. From the breakthroughs made by the school in the past two years, Hu Sheng affirmed the vital role of student organizations in the construction and development of the school, and he also put forward three requirements for the new student cadres. The first is to hope that all students will develop a strong sense of patriotism. The second is to hope that student representatives and student cadres will bravely shoulder the historical mission and continue to cultivate themselves and develop strong skills. Work together to effectively play the role of a bridge. Under the call of the times, I wish the future glorious years to leave the footprints of the struggle of the young students of electrical engineering.

The Shanghai Student Union expressed warm congratulations to the convening of the student congress of our school. He said that the student union should keep abreast of the times and promote student work "to the students' side and in their hearts". It is necessary to give full play to the role of the bridge between the school and the students, improve the two-way communication mechanism between the school and the students, and provide the students with a channel to exercise and grow, meet the needs, and solve the suffering.

Zhang Haijun, a member of the 16th Presidium, gave a report on the work of the 16th Student Union to the conference with the theme of "Do not forget the original aspiration, strengthen ideals and beliefs, pursue excellence and bravely shoulder the mission of the times, and contribute to the construction of a high-level university of applied technology." Two years of work in the student union, and pointed out that the student union will strive to create a new, enterprising, dedicated, whole-hearted service for the teachers and students of the school, and strive to create a learning and service-oriented student union work system.

Wei Chufan, a member of the sixteenth presidium, reported to the conference the proposal work carried out by the student congress. The conference received a total of 346 proposals , covering education and teaching, school spirit and style of study, campus culture, life services, etc. The report also provides feedback on the proposals that have been resolved so far, and will actively follow up and implement the proposals for the unresolved proposals, continuously improve the quality of the proposal work, and continue to work hard on the improvement, processing and implementation of the proposals.

At the closing ceremony of the conference that followed, Shang Hailong congratulated the newly-elected Presidium of the Student Union and the Standing Committee members. Through reviewing the achievements and highlights of student work in the past two years. He said that all young people should strengthen their ideals and convictions in Changxuechangxin, and love the great motherland; they should continue to cultivate themselves in the unity of knowledge and action, and develop strong skills; take the initiative to take the initiative and bear the mission in the forge ahead.

The 17th Student Representative Conference of Shanghai Dianji University is a major event in the life of all students of electrical engineering. In line with the requirements of "strict rules", "true discussions" and "selected people", the convening of the student congress is conducive to the student union's adherence to the party's leadership, grasping the political direction, and improving student work. Build mantras around school development, offer good strategies around student needs, and build ideas around yourself. The successful convening of the student congress symbolizes that the electrical machinery students boost their confidence, keep moving forward, and contribute their youth to embrace the bright future of electrical machinery and realize the great dream of national rejuvenation!

After the closing of the conference, the members of the second session of the Shanghai Dianji University Student Representative Committee held the first full committee meeting in the Student Affairs Center to elect the chairman and deputy directors of the committee and discuss the work system of the new session of the student representative committee.

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